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Hi all,

I’ve recently just started using Markdown text in DTP, which is a great option to have. However, I’ve noticed that if I create a new document, and click out of it, I can no longer edit the document. This seems very strange to me, so I’m sure that I must be overlooking something. I don’t see any way to make the document editable again. With Rich Text documents, I can just click back into the document, and continue editing.


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You are looking at the rendered HTML, which isn’t editable. Choose View > Text Alternative (Option-Command-P) or click this icon above the preview…
You can set a default to view a Markdown document in edit mode or preview mode in Preferences > Media > Markdown.

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You are correct, sir. Thank you! :smiley:

You’re welcome. :smiley:

There’s dozens of great (and cheap!) Markdown editors out there - ia Writer, Byword, Ulysses, depending on how much you want to lay out. You can always open the DevonTHINK Markdown file file in an external editor and just leave DTP as a previewer/renderer while you’re editing externally.

⇧⌘O is the shortcut to launch the current file in the default editor.

@davem: You can also do the same thing with the Open in two windows script in Pro / Pro Office and not spend any more money. :smiley:

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