Edit on Bonjour Setup Documents Recommended

Re Bonjour Simplified

This part unimportant but sets scene: Because of a self-inflicted blunder, I thought the best/quickest course of action to repair a database was to restore my RSS Feed database from the Zip archive to a new database. That included updating all the sync settings on four devices (2 Macs and 2 iOS) for the new database and removing the old. Things didn’t go well (due to network/device slowness) on the iPhone so I took the simple approach of deleting the app to do a simple re-setup for the two databases I sync to that device. I found it impossible to re-connect the Bonjour and WebDAV sync to the new install of DEVONthink ToGo. Error message “NSURLErrorDomain Internet unavailable” after everything I tried. After lots of messing about with network settings, re-start iPhone, checking VPN, internet searches (Internet was available on iPhone so the error message confused me) discovered a post about another commercial app which mentioned iOS 14 has introduced a new privacy setting to restrict apps from accessing LAN devices. I was unaware. The fix was to give the new install of DEVONthink on the iPhone access to the network. Therefore, I recommend a new line be added to the above guidance (and perhaps in the DEVONthink Manual. After doing this the Bonjour “server” appeared, as did the setup for WebDAV.

Add to the Docs:

  • Go to iOS Settings → Privacy → Local Network → Enable switch for DEVONthink.

(this might be behind others who had trouble setting up Bonjour as reported here in older posts. Dunno.)


Thank you for the hint. Yes, we stumbled over this, too, when it was introduced. Good idea! — And added.