Editing and Zooming in DTTG?

In the iOS app, I’ve noticed I am unable to edit some documents, but can edit others - even those of the same time, like Rich Text. They’re not locked and there seems to be no specific reason I can discern for why a document cannot be edited.

How can I identify which documents won’t editable from within the macOS app, and how do I make them so they can be edited from within DTTG?

Also, does pinch-to-zoom not work in DTTG? Some of the documents show with teeny text and it would be helpful to be able to zoom. I thought this was possible at one time, but now I can’t get anything to zoom.

Are they RTFD files? If not please start a Support Ticket and attach a sample file that does not work.

And no, it is currently not possible to zoom into an RTF file (and actually has never been available).

Yes, RTFD files. Both RTF and RTFD are listed as “Rich Text”, so I didn’t make the connection right away.

I remembered there being an issue with RTFD files on iOS, but didn’t remember the solution. Searching for it, it wasn’t easy to uncover. Seems like there should be an FAQ and help files on this issue, so it’s easier to find the solution and why to use FN instead of RTFD.