Editing Docs and Pages

Still on the learning curve here. What’s the best way to edit Word, Pages and other files in DTTG? I see that it’s not as easy as just tapping in the preview window. Do I have to open in the associated app and then somehow save it to DTTG?

You can’t edit proprietary formats, like Word and Pages, in DTTG (nor can you in DEVONthink on the desktop).

You can use the Document Provider in apps that support it, and these two do. While this isn’t in the same place in each supporting app, here’s an example in Word…

Just tried this in Word. Requires that I authenticate in DTTG. When I click to do that, it brings me to DTTG but that’s it. No seeming way to authenticate.

Do you have your Security set to Immediately in DTTG?

Yes, I do. And I was just going to get back to this, as I found that was the issue.
And now I see that, in order to edit and save, you need to have the newest subscription. I use standalone Word.

That would be a real pain as well, to have to keep on adjusting the security setting to open a doc.

Well, if you set the security setting to “request PIN immediately” then DEVONthink To Go is locked immediately after leaving the app, effectively protecting your files from outside access. And opening a document from another app is, of course, exactly such a security issue.

Would be nice to have an “exception to the rule” option in the security settings when opening DTTG through another app for those who aren’t quite as concerned about security.

You can set the interval higher than immediately.