Editing pdf files

The information I am looking for might be described somewhere in the forum or manual but I have not found it!:shock:
I need often to “edit”, i.e. highlight or modify a pdf file using Acrobat.
My pdfs have been imported in the DTP folder.
I cannot edit them there and the only clean way to do it is to:
export the file, edit it, reimport and delete the older one…
There must (or should) be a more direct way?
Thanks a lot.

If you’ve imported them into the DT folder (not database!), then you’ll be able to use File > Synchronize after editing the PDF documents in the next release.

I’m not certain about the current public release, DT Pro 1.0.2.

I’m using DT Pro 1.1 beta 12. In this version, I can edit PDF files that are stored in the database Files folder. I can select the PDF file and use Launch Path to open and annotate the PDF under Preview (which is my default application for PDFs). I can also use Open With to open and annotate the PDF under Acrobat 7 Professional.

If that doesn’t work for you under 1.0.2, you will have to do the export, edit, reimport/delete until version 1.1 comes out.

Caution: Don’t try Open With to edit text documents, including Word files. Use Launch Path instead. Synchronize is improved in the 1.1 beta and works very well indeed with text documents.