Editing PDFs Without Re-Importing

My Scansnap sometimes doesn’t correctly detect blank pages in the documents I scan and I would like to delete them manually. Can I just right click the PDF and choose Show In Finder, and then edit the PDF directly? Do I need to rebuild the database afterwards? Also, will it retain any metadata (i.e. modification date) when I do this?

PDF editing inside DEVONthink 2 isn’t supported in the public beta.

But Preview, Acrobat, Skim, PDFpenPro and other applications can delete pages and save the PDF back to your database.

For example, select your PDF to be edited and Control-click. Choose “Open With” and select Preview. The PDF will be opened under Preview. Switch to display of thumbnails in the side bar and display a blank page in the PDF. In Preview’s menu bar, choose Edit > Delete Selected Page (Command-Delete). When finished, Save the edited PDF. The changes will now be visible in your database (if necessary, select the PDF and choose File > Synchronize).

DTPO 2 allows you to delete pdf pages right inside DTPO. No need for an external app.

Good call. That’s correct, and neat. I hadn’t checked.

Sorry to revive an old thread and I’m sure this is a dumb question but how do you delete pages in PDF’s in DTPO?

Here’s how in DTPO2 pb1:

Select the PDF and show the thumbnail view in the slide-out.

Select the thumbnail of the page to be deleted.

In the menu bar, choose Edit > Delete selected page. It’s gone! Press Command-S to save the edit.

I knew I was just missing something and it was that simple. Thanks, Bill.