Edition upgrades and educational licensing


I am looking to purchase the personal edition but am wondering if there is an upgrade path to the pro edition if I decide later that I need its features.

I work for a museum supporting research staff with interns and honorary researchers. I am able to access educational licensing through Microsoft, would I be able to access similar licensing with your product.



Hi. Welcome to the user forum.

Yes. There is an upgrade path: “If you don’t need the full power of the top edition now, you can safely start with a lower edition and upgrade later for only the price difference.”
devontechnologies.com/produc … rison.html

Just go here.
devontechnologies.com/discou … stant.html

Thanks for your reply- I must have missed that :slight_smile:

I’ll wait and see if I get a reply to my educational license question and then I’ll probably purchase.



Can I get a response to my licensing question please? I know I included it it in another query and for that I apologise. Just waiting for an answer before I decide on purchasing.



There’s an educational discount (25%) available in our online shop.

Thanks Christian, purchase complete :slight_smile: