Edits on same file with 2 or more devices

Not sure how this works. I’m using DTPO on my iPhone, iPad and Mac and at times, will edit the same txt file or doc on 2 or more of them. At the time of sync, should I be concerned with any of those edits not making the sync? Will the edit on my Mac show up on the other 2 and the edit on my device the same?

Assuming you are not editing the same file on two devices simultaneously. If you sync the iPhone, edit, then sync again, and later pick up the iPad, sync, edit, and sync again, and so on, you should be fine. The syncs should happen anyway, I’m merely suggesting doing it intentionally so you know for sure it completed.

The “sync again” part is probably the missing piece, especially when I’m editing away from my wifi network (by which I do my syncs).