Educational discount for DEVONthinkGo3?

I obtained student license through DEVONthink but was not given much help beyond that as I only imuse an iPad and an iPhone and that’s outside DEVONthink’s control to give educational discount for.

Here’s my message to DEVONthink:


I was able to obtain a student license through

“Buy DEVONthink To Go as a student:

Please contact Apple about a edu- discount for DEVONthink To Go 3 . We, DEVONtechnologies, have approved DEVONthink To Go 3 for edu pricing. Who gets the Edu-discount and what is the purchase procedure in this case is decided exclusively by Apple, the owner of the App Store. We have no influence here.” Through DevonThink. DevonThinkGO is version 3 of their mobile app for iOS and iPadOS. Their support told me that I had to contact you in order to get a discount of the DevonThinkGO mobile 3 app. So I’m hoping that you can help me out here”

Here’s Apple supports response:

Hi there, thanks for reaching out. In select regions, Apple provides education pricing on certain products like Macs, iPad, and some of the software that is sold directly through the Apple Online Store. You can view the Apple Education Store here:

Since the DevonThink To Go 3 app appears to only be available in the App Store, this does not appear to be something that would qualify for education pricing or something we can offer a discount for. However, you best resources to find out for sure would be our Online Sales Team. You can reach out to them here

I just don’t see anywhere about who to contact next. Can anyone help out?


I guess “here” is a link?

It will be obvious from this post that I live in a privileged world; assuming an educational discount of 25 % on the full price, you’d be lucky to get three coffees to go for what you save. Is it still worth saving? Of course. How much effort it is worth putting into that saving, however, is the other question.

From what I can see, educational discount on non-apple software applies to bulk purchase by institutions. That, at least, is what the following suggests to me:

“4. If you’d like to offer educational institutions a discount, check the box next to “Offer a reduced price on Apple School Manager for volume purchases.” Your app will be available for 50% of its listed price for educational institutions purchasing quantities of 20 or more.”

I can’t find anything suggesting educational discounts for individuals in the App Store (if you do find anything else, post it here for posterity :+1:t3:).


A while back, Pleco, a Chinese dictionary app, offered various internal purchases at education prices vs standard. These additional in-app purchases included additional dictionaries, voices, etc. I’m not sure they offer educational discounts anymore.

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Also a question of whether this is a purchase for one student or for a school, etc. Obviously if for a larger group, that 25% adds up quickly.

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Sure; that would be the situation the link I posted would apply to.


Marginnote and Liquid text also have educational discount throught AppleStore,

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I can’t find Liquid text in the AppStore; Marginnote I can see, but nowhere in the description or in-app purchases is educational pricing offered (and the same goes for Pleco). Could you elaborate on how the educational discount e.g., specifically for Marginnote, is offered or claimed?

(I’m not doubting you; this might even vary from country to country; just looking to expand my knowledge)


Here is the page od liquid text

The process was that I installed basic version through App Store, then I send my student id photo through app interface, then student price was available for advanced features

For MarginNote, i am not so sure now, i bought it over a year ago, maybe a discount was only provided for a desktop app outside App Store

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Cheers. For LiquidText I see the educational discount offered in the in-app purchases, which makes sense. Coming full circle back to DTTG, if that is the only mechanism for the individual, it would suggest discount is not available to (non-institutional) users.

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Yeah it wouldn’t let me insert links

Thanks all for your replies. I guess the answer here is that DevonThink should work out a better way for discounts for students on the iOS store. Right now that’s not possible. So they should implement,eat something like what liquidtext have done.

As I detest subscriptions I always buy the lifetime subscription which for DevonThinkGO is for version 3. It’s quite a sum so, we’ll see if I still want to go with DevonThinkGO

can you please explain WHY there should be a student discount? the license fee is pretty low already. what is the business case?

And there are many license fees for apps as students. I don’t have to explain why there should be one. There is one. But it doesn’t work on iOS.

No need for the link. I thought you could get more info if you clicked the link (assuming you didn’t do so already).

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