Educational Use/Cases Especially Teachers!

Hello, all of you wonderful tech-savvy humans, especially any of you teachers out there I was hoping to tap into the hive mind and make use of your collective wisdom in order to see how some of you are making use of Devonthink in the field of education in a general sense, though I am particularly interested in ways to leverage it in my teaching practice since I have not devoted the time I would have liked by in developing my own system to the degree I would like due to my battles with duplicates on the. student end of things.

I already know that some of you are using it in ways that would blow my mind which I’m reminded of every time I scroll through these forums which have become one of my most frequent sites visited for that very reason. I teach special education at the middle school level. I’m a resource teacher so my kids spend the majority of their time with all of the other students they just typically have one or more areas that they are significantly behind their peers in.

I’m definitely looking for some inspiration as I try figuring out how I’d like to structure everything and what my approach to working with the database will be. I know some of you are using Devonthink in some really slick ways that leverage all of its capabilities and was just hoping that some of you would be willing to share or help me to think through my own structuring of it. In the interest of full transparency, I’m highly likely to copy, and without the slightest bit of shame either ( I have none, the shame left this game long ago), though I will give my gratitude in abundance (that one, I do).

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