Efficient smart rule to check for remotely changed documents?

I’ve got a folder of ~1200 PDFs. I want to check for PDFs which have changed remotely (e.g. by adding highlights to them with DTTG), before I apply my custom action (Update annotation) via a separate Smart Rule. How can I check most efficiently for updated PDFs so I prevent running my “Update annotations” rule on every PDF again and again?

  • Add custom metadata “custom-changed-date” which I run on each record I update with my Smart Rule “Update annotations” on macOS
  • Create a new Smart Rule to check on “After synchronization” if the custom-changed-data > current data (via an Applescript action). This takes ~3-4s to run on 1200 documents.
  • I can ‘limit’ the Smart Rule to only check for e.g. documents modified in the last week.

Would you have other suggestions or tips how to do this efficiently?

Assuming that the rule gets applied to internally edited documents too, the easiest approach would be to remember the last modification date.

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Thanks, that’s the approach I’m currently using. Custom meta data to the rescue once again :slight_smile: