Elephas AI SuperBrain like feature

Been using https://elephas.app for a while. It’s available via Setapp or along. Really great on your Mac AI integration. They have what is called a Super Brain where you can add files and then ask questions, form replies in email etc. Super stuff that is been very useful to my workflow. Would love to see this kind of Super Brain like functionality with DEVONthink.


I assume that they do the wonders remotely? Which would preclude its use for me. But of course, they need training material…

There is another free service (for now), called Reeder: https://reeder.ai

If you don’t mind:

  • Hallucinations
  • Usage of your data

It is fine to be used for free (remember, if it is free, you are the product).

I use Reeder to upload Jules Verne PDF books in French and ask about the book. Sometimes it surprises to me in relation to details I’ve forgotten or didn’t took in account, but always verifying the answer to avoid hallucinations.


There is a tool I’ve been experimenting with that can also do it locally using Llama 2 models: https://khoj.dev/

It will index any local pdfs or markdown documents and use them as context when prompting in the chat.

The responses are already quite good using Llama 2. Alternatively one can provide an OpenAI api key.

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