Email archive & forward


I’m just starting to use DEVONthink Pro Office, and have a question.

I’m starting a new job, and dealing with a massive amount of information, along with (already) a massive amount of email-- 2000+ across a lot of topics and projects (< 1 month at the new job!)

I’m trying to figure out the best way to organize my email, both archiving off what I have for search purposes (highly needed!) along with moving forward.

My initial thought was to create a Projects folder containing folders for each project, with each project folder having the same sub folders, such as Email, Notes, Ref Materials.

Then I would archive my emails into my inbox, and move them to the appropriate Project/Email folder manually (or hopefully auto-classify someday)

But, importing has created folders containing email threads in my inbox (nice), but…

Do I move the whole thread folder to the appropriate project Email folder or just move the emails themselves (and delete the then empty thread folder)?

If I move the folder, then using auto-classify starts to get messy because I will end up with multiple thread folders depending on when I archived right?

If I move just the emails, before long I’m going to have a project email folder that is massive-- and how do I work with that, search, dig around in, etc… or do I not care???

Guidance would be nice before I get too far down the path of setting up…