Email Archive of [GMAIL] All Mail with a few messages Crashes DTP


A few weeks ago DTP started crashing with the Email archive, so I created a new DB.
I “Archive” daily from one email address (mailbox) and get approximately 50 emails a day.

It worked for a day but DTP started crashing again.
This is how I was able to repeat the problem with [GMAIL} / All Mail folder.

I thought it might be a particular email message with corrupt chars.
Has happened before.

In the DTP Import Area

  • Clicked “Import” in DTP for each of my 56 Gmail folders. Yes one at a time.
  • Then “Import” for [GMAIL} / All Mail folder. There were only 2 emails.
    Of course it would be the last folder I tried. LOL
  • DTP Crashes. I deleted the emails on the web from Gmail.
  • Repeated “Refresh & Import” for [GMAIL} / All Mail for one new email message.
  • DTP Crashed again.

Any help appreciated.


DTP 3.8
macOS 10.15.7
Mac mini 2014 w/ 16GB RAM

Hey :slight_smile: Crashes should be reported to DEVONtech by selecting - whilst pressing the option key - Report Bug from the Help menu in DEVONthink. You will probably find DT to be pretty responsive, and many crashes are rectified by the next maintenance release.

Cool thanks much.