Email Archiving (Pre-Purchase Question)

Probably a dumb question, but I just need quick clarification.

DEVONthink Pro offers “email archiving”, which is apparently absent in DEVONthink Standard.

Practically speaking, is this just the easy menu option to import a mailbox? Or will this prevent me from working with emails at all in DEVONthink?

I.e. right now I can drag a message from Mail, or use a keyboard shortcut to use the DEVONthink add-on to bring the email over. Will those behaviors still work in Standard?

Any help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

The Pro/Server editions of DEVONthink 3 fully support email archiving, see e.g. File > Import > Unix Mailbox… or View > Sidebar > Import. In addition, these editions include a plugin for Apple Mail (see DEVONthink 3 > Install Add-Ons…) which adds menu items to Mail’s menu and speeds up archiving. Finally, only these editions support converting of emails, an alternate view and index the contents of emails.

Does the mail plugin/DevobThink still require full disk access in Mojave and Catalina?

I understand this is a policy that was introduced by Apple, but the solution is quite broad allowing access not only to mail, but also Time Machine, safari, messages etc.

Yes, it still requires Full Disk Access.

Also, read our recent blog post (and the accompanying linked post):

I never use beta software in a production environment, including DevonThink 3. But thanks nevertheless for the heads-up about the macOS and iOS betas.

The issues in the blog sound pretty serious. Let’s see if Apple will manage to release as expected or postpone a stable version until later this year.

or postpone a stable version until later this year.

Highly unlikely they’d postpone it but I think we’d all be relieved and encouraged if they slowed their release schedule and returned to better Quality Assurance. :confused:

Slightly off topic but is there a way to remove the chevrons or right arrows from email replies generated from DT? If not, it would be a useful addition to Preferences.

Development would have to respond to this.

I’ve been using Devonthink Pro 2 (DTP2) for years and it has QuickLook support for displaying .eml/.emlx email files and has a “Text Alternative” view which works on both .eml/.emlx files. Am I correctly understanding the statement above to say that the Standard version of DT3 does not support the “Text Alternative” view?

Does being able to search email content in DTP2 means that it does indexing? I know I can search .eml/.emlx files in DTP2. I’m trying to figure out the features I will lose if I stay with DT3 Standard rather than upgrading to DT3 Pro version (will never need the Server version). I’ve been working with DT3b3 trying to figure out which is right for me - Standard or Pro.

Commands with a ★ next to them are only available in the Pro or Server editions, so you should still have Text / Best Alternative options in Standard. This obviously may change but Development would have to address that.

According to Apple the iCloud issues mentioned by the Ulysses team have been resolved in iOS 13 beta 4 (the dev beta, not sure about the public beta)