Email archiving with outlook Mac latest version

I’m archiving my mail from outlook to DT. With the latest version of outlook for Mac, this does not work for me. I have to switch back to the older version of outlook, which is annoying because 1) I forget to do that and. 2) I have to reset all permissions for google mail accounts.
I this a known issue or am I doing something wrong ?

Please clarify what you mean by “the latest version” and switching back to “the older version”.

If you mean the new versus old interface, the new interface breaks the AppleScript communication so it won’t work as expected. That is a Microsoft issue.

It is exactly what I meant. So the message is, keep to the old interface .
Thanks for your swift response

You’re welcome and yes, stick to the old UI for sure.

Hi @BLUEFROG. I know this is a Microsoft issue as you said, but are there any workarounds for those of us who otherwise wish or need to use the new interface? Or are there any plans to create a solution to this? Unfortunately, Microsoft is the bigger player here.

I used to export mail from outlook to PDF which can be imported to DEVONthink. Is that or other export format no longer possible?

Do you use scripts or the View > Sidebar > Import > E-Mails interface?

We can’t create a solution to what they broke. This is like saying, “I know they removed the steering wheel from the car but can you make it so I can drive it to the store?” :slight_smile:

The scripts will not work and there’s no workaround. The new UI doesn’t report any selections.

Unfortunately, Microsoft is the bigger player here

Not sure what difference that makes.

PS: As @cgrunenberg was asking about, you can still use the View > Import sidebar, regardless of what UI you’re using in Outlook (and yes, this has been tested).