Email are imported but content not displayed


The problem is when I drag an email into Devonthink Pro Office, the program accepts it but I am unable to veiw any content except for the header information. That is, the details of the email is imported as a blank sheet.

This never happend before and it seems to happen inconsistently.

The very best,

Is the content displayed by the alternate view (see View > Text Alternative) or via Quick Look?


I used Quick Look and it was blank.

I then opened the message as an email and it was blank

There have been other emails that I have successfully imported into DevonThink but others that remain blank like the one sent.

Thank-you for your support.


Which email client do you use?

Mac Mail

Do other emails from this sender work as expected?

I dragged different emails from different senders and some imported and some didn’t.

I have attached a quick look from one of the emails.

You could try to drag & drop the email to the desktop first and then drag & drop the email from the desktop to DEVONthink - does this work or also fail?