Email Attachments

Experimenting with DTPOffice.

Okay, I read the fine manual, and I searched the forum. I found this in the manual

What exactly does that mean?

Because I’m experimenting with importing from Entourage, and attachments apparently either (1) leave behind a little badge that looks like a hyperlink, but isn’t, or (2) get converted to hundreds of pages of hex. I haven’t yet found an attachment that actually made it into the DTPO database.

Huh? Okay, I found the missing attachments… apparently, when you click on the mystery badge, the file magically materializes in:

/private/tmp/DEVONthink Pro/<myname>

That is just WEIRD.

Before I clicked on the badge, where were the files? They’re not in ~/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Entourage Temp. Are they just soup in the multigigabyte “Main Identity Database”?

I would have imagined that, if DTPO is extracting and creating files, it would have put them in the same directory (or a subdirectory) as the active database. And since I don’t necessarily backup my /private folder, it’s a recipe for data loss.

Normally attachments are part of the RTFD file that is imported into the database. But depending on how and where you email client stores the references internally in the email messages they may appear somewhere else as you have seen. Since the mail message specification allow a gazillion possibilities you probably hit one of the ones that hasn’t been encountered yet. If possible, could you contact by sending us one of those RTF files together with any Console output that you have? If you can include the version number of Entourage that would be great. It would be very nice if you would be willing to export a few of those problematic files so we can look at the raw data.