Email features need improvement

Hi there

I have some feedback for you. Why can only Office Pro archive emails with formatting & attachments? I was looking for app to archive ‘stuff’. That would be web pages, the odd PDF, and of course email. But I can’t justify $150.

I would suggest you add full email support to the basic DEVONthink. Surely this something that every user would expect of such as app.

As a secondary issue I don’t like that the Office Pro version converts emails to RTF. I would prefer to hear that it stores the raw message source. Converting to RTF is a lossy operation.

Otherwise looks like a nice app. Version 2 maybe?


One of the issues I’ve run into with importing email in FT Pro Office is that it often scrambles attachments; as a result I import attachments in emails separately. Am I doing the importing incorrectly? or is this the way the import of email attachments works?

The conversion of email messages to RTF in DEVONthink Pro Office 1.x is a complex process but gerenally all attachments should come through when the message is correctly encoded. In DEVONthink 2.0 email messages are stored in their original format so attachments are never scrambled, no matter how weird their encoding is.