Email import issues


I am running DTP pb5.

This pertains to copying messages from Apple Mail to DTP.

When I use the “add messages to DTP” it goes to the “main inbox”

Then, to get them into a particular db of interest I need to drop them into that db. They go to the inbox of that db (it seems there is no way to drag from the main inbox into a particular folder in an open db, nor is there a “send to” option).

From the inbox of my favorite db I can then transfer the messages to the folder of interest.

This is 3 steps for a relatively minor operation.

I can drag the email messages DIRECTLY to my folder of interest, but that has two problems associated with it:

  1. The “date modified” heading is adjusted.
    When I use the import script, the date modified reflects when the email was received, this is very good behavior. But, if I drag and drop, the date modified becomes the date it was added to DTP… not good if you want to perverse your ability to organize your emails by date received from within DTP.

  2. You can only drag 1 message at a time… if you attempt to drag multiple messages into DTP, they are not recognized, nothing happens.

Hence, it seems to me that, at the moment, if one wants to import mail messages into DTP and preserve the date within the date modified field (very useful) one MUST use the import script. One must also use the import script if you want to send multiple emails. However, one must then move these emails, manually from the main inbox into the db of interest, and then finally into the folder of interest.

If someone knows what I am doing wrong, please let me know… Otherwise, if this simply reflects a current short coming at this stage of development, I am letting it be known that it needs to be addressed.

Thanks for your time and attention.


See Preferences > Import - Destination. By default, most content sent to a database by Services, scripts or bookmarklets is sent to the Global Inbox. But there are two other options.

You might prefer ‘Select group’, which allows choice of the database and group for new content (except for OCRd scans, in which case the Global Inbox is a better destination).

You will then be able to control the destination of a selected message using the menu option 'Add to DEVONthink Pro Office".

I am having 2 issues with the “Add Message to DEVONthink” script in Apple Mail.

  1. If a mail message has attachments and I run the script, not all the attachments are imported into DEVONthink. The size shows up as 0 KB.

  2. I have my import preferences set to “Select Group”, but when running the mail script, it always adds to the Global Inbox.

Any ideas?


I would quit Mail and reinstall the Mail plugin from Help > Install Add-ons. Also make sure to load all attachments in Mail (see the online help for more information about this).