email importing problems

I have been trying for a few weeks to import my emails into devonthink office. I have the most updated version of the app and I am running a brand new mac with 2gb of ram with only devo and the mail apps open.

Every time I run the import (I have tried using small amounts of messages and large amounts of messages) the same thing happens. About 1/2 the emails get entered and it just stops working. I have left it running for several hours with no progress.

Are you aware of this problem??? Do you have a fix for it???

The next release fixes a rare problem that could cause this to happen. After that I was able to import about 100,000 emails from both Apple Mail and Entourage in one go. I hope that may fix this issue.

I have similar problems, DTPO chokes when importing emails from my local folder hierarchy (I do not have any haxies installed).

when is that next update going to be released?

I am a bit frustrated with DTPoffice not being able to import mail correctly (or at all) - pls fix asap!

I believe Annard was talking about the current, non-beta release, version 1.3.

Although I ran into several Entourage emails that I couldn’t capture in earlier betas, I’ve never had problems importing thousands of Mail messages.

Let us know if you are still having problems with the current non-beta release.

Yes, still having serious problems, (running the current non-beta release). imports some folders, but then crashes in the midst of about 6k mails…it’s probably some kind of attachment (?), as some useres have reported earlier.

Already sent crash report to support, but got a nice message back saying nothing more than they think everything should be fine and the fault is probably on my side (the usual bad memory stuff and such), if I am not satisfied with the product I could get a refund - not very satisfying reply, but at least something I guess. :cry:

Do many of your e-mails have attachments? I always purge all of mine. DTPO has had no trouble importing my Entourage e-mail. I do wish it would display the date of the e-mail instead of the import, though.

Yes, they do. and I want them archived too, not purged.

OK, but I suspect they are the source of your problem, because they may be in a temp folder or somewhere else that DTPO can’t find.

I used to think attachments were important, until I realized that they were either my files, already copied to various folders, or the files of correspondents, which I had saved or not, depending on their importance. So there was little point in keeping them with e-mails.

However, you may have your own reasons for needing to keep them.

If you display the Creation Date column, you will see this.

Ooops. I should have thought of that. Thanks!

Thanks to Annard, we have found a solution in my case: disconnect external iSight camera and run DiskWarrior (or probably any other disk verification tool), voila, 15000 emails (plus attachments) imported without problem. Might help others too!
Thanks again to Annard and Eric who did not get tired in assiting to solve this issue!