Email to devonthink pro office


Is it possible to send an email to devonthink like evernote?

Jack Raats

No, this is not possible. Evernote’s mechanism relied on having a “Evernote account”. A different mechanism is under consideration for future releases.

DEVONthink Pro (Office) includes scripts for Apple Mail’s rules, therefore you could set up a rule e.g. for a dedicated email address to import the emails to DEVONthink.

Looking forward to this release !

For someone like me who gets very confused by how computers and software works :blush: is there some kind soul who can say how to set up such a rule please? Thanks.

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First make sure you have the DTPO scripts installed (in DTPO, Install Add-ons)

Then you set it up in Mail>Preferences>Rules. Set the conditions you want (mail from a person or whatever) then under “Perform the following action” choose Run AppleScript and select the relevant script from the list.

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Thanks for that, easy when you know how!

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I do not know scripts very much.

Then could the rule specify which Devonthink database inbox to send the email to ? Ex: in the message title ?

The scripts import the messages to the destination specified in DEVONthink > Preferences > Import > Destination. The scripts can be adjusted if you want to copy one of them and make your own version.

There are other, user-contributed, scripts for mail import in the forum if you go look for them.

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Is there an update on an improved way to forward an email (including email body and attachments) to a DevonThink db?

I’ve been trialling DT Pro Office, and I would like to transition from Evernote. However, forwarding emails to Evernote is one of my most frequent usecases. It’s effectively a ‘blocker’ for moving to DT - if it’s not possible in DT.

Note: I’m using Readdle’s Spark email app (not on iOS and Mac.

No, you cannot forward emails to DEVONthink. A Mail Rule is still the advocated method.

PS: Spark does not have good inter-application communication capabilities.

I’ve been trying to figure out a workaround using Dropbox and Zapier as ‘middlemen’ between any arbitrary email client and DT.

Something like:

  1. Forward an email to Zapier
  2. Zapier creates relevant files in designated dropbox folder
  3. Dropbox automatically syncs new files to Mac
  4. Hazel and/or AppleScript ‘collect’ the new files and load them into a new note in DT

However… its a little beyond me. Feels like the kind of thing MacSparky ( would do!

Any suggestions?