Embedded media (audio/video) in markdown files

I have a number of markdown files in DEVONthink on my Mac which make use of embedded audio using the following markup:

<audio controls="1" controlslist="nodownload nofullscreen noremoteplayback" src="x-devonthink-item://9CFD5BD2-EB05-41EB-83EB-88A666381953">Your browser does not support the audio tag.</audio>

This works wonderfully on the mac and is incredibly convenient, as I can keep the audio player close to the area in my notes to which it is appropriate. Notably, it works both when using an item link or a relative path for the src attribute (an item link is generally advisable though as it will survive replication, whereas a relative path is only relative to one copy of the file). It’s great!

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to work in DEVONthink To Go. I have made sure the target items are in a folder which is marked as “always” download (rather than “on demand”), so the files are downloaded to my device, but it seems like referring to other files like this (whether by item link or by relative path) just isn’t supported in DTTG. The audio player interface appears but reports “error”, as if the web view can’t find the file at that URL.

It would be great if this could be made to work as it does on the Mac, as I would love to be able to read my notes with audio embeddings on the iPad!

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Thanks for letting us know about this issue, I have confirmed the problem in DEVONthink to Go and we will aim to fix this for the next update.

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