Emoji 🗩 doesnt display in the title of datatabae

I put emoji 🗩 into name of database on my desktop, but it dispaly as question mark in box instead ⍰
I am on latest IPad 16.5.1.

Edit: this is Apple thing, not caused by DT.

Edit 2: Unice 🗩 - right speech bubble (U+1F5E9) is technically not an emoji, so it maybe the source of the problem as well

It is inadvisable to use emoji in filenames, including database names.

Does it show correctly on the Mac? Can you manually enter it into the title field of the Info popover on your iPad? Does it show there?

Yes, it does show-up on mac;

As I try to copy it via universal clipboard, I cannot paste it into Devonthink; I didnt try to copy it to other Ipad App.

The symbol basically is not an emoji, there is some warning so maybe apple didnt implented it for iOS

This is not so important, so this might be closed, I dont think that DT can fix it by now as this seems Apple thing;

Actually, it should also show on iOS. @BLUEFROG, would you please open an issue for it? Thanks.

Issue filed.

Hmm, actually, even on the Mac it just inserts a box with a question mark into the database name. It doesn’t render in Safari too.

I suppose that the font(s) simply don’t have a glyph at this position. Not surprising.

Yes, that’s what I thought. @echej, just out of curiosity: what font do you use for lists in DEVONthink for Mac?

I think I the default one in DT , I dont remember to change anything (Full Screen: System Font regular 13)

Indeed, 🗩 doesnt work in safari, but it render in Arc browser without problem
🗩 renders in Apple Notes and in Devonthink on Mac without problem too

On IPadOS the problem with 🗩 not rendering correctly occurs in Apple Notes as well, so as I wrote, this is an Apple thing

Not on my machine (Intel, Ventura). And it’s most probably not something to do with a particular application, but with the fonts that are (or aren’t) available on the machine. This is what the character utility shows me:

Very much not there, I’d say.

Yes, I do not argue with that;
I remember installing several font packages for homebrew (so I can use l Powerlevel10k theme on my terminal), so maybe then the lacking characters was added & configured;
Anyway, thanks to anyone who put their time into this issue, this is evidently a border case that and specific to my setup

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Now, that’s probably the explanation. Thank you, @chrillek, for investigating, too.

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