Emoji shortcodes on markdown


Some emoji shortcodes aren’t rendering on markdown, and they aren’t even new emojis.

Por example: :compass: :compass: or :round_pushpin: :round_pushpin: :card_index: :card_index:

Is this for the version of the markdown renderer?

Not all emoji are supported, especially as many apps are extending them.

Most (and that’s not a type, most) of the GitHub emoji are supported.


Thank a lot for the swift reply. I’m just wondering about the official emoji, not related to the ones that are customized by any app.

GitHub is supporting all the emojis that I put as example. I really don’t know what you mean with “(and that’s not a type, most)”, but if you mean that GitHub have additional custom emojis that aren’t supported, I wasn’t expecting you to render the :octocat:.

I was just curious that some where rendered, even when they are part of the first emoji release.

but if you mean that GitHub have additional custom emojis that aren’t supported

That is correct. Attached is a document of the possible but not necessarily rendered emoji from when this was first implemented in DEVONthink.

@cgrunenberg would have to comment on if supporting the others is feasible or not.
(This is actually the first I recall anyone mentioning it since beta testing first began.)

Emoji List.md.zip (7.5 KB)

Some emojis do not work anymore due to a regression, the next release will fix this.

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@cgrunenberg Thanks a lot for the info!

I know that emojis sometimes they can be silly and it’s true, but in some informal docs can convey a good deal of info and even help find things on the docs.

Just please don’t use them in file or database names :slight_smile:

yeah! I’m aware of that… but on markdown documents or as folder images are great!

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