Emojis for Tags

Morning all - just a quick question here to determine whether it’s possible to use emojis in the tag field.

I’m asking as I’m able to insert an emoji as a tag when I use the DT WebClipper, but the emoji then doesn’t show up within DevonThink itself either in the Info tab or in the Tags column view.

Thanks a lot for the help

Yes, we can use emoji in tag names (or any record name)
It’s not recommended; the search indexing ignores non-alphanumeric characters

Which, if I understand from somewhere else, is the same recommendation also across other text field searches such as file names or notes or …

Put another way … We can use emoji in any text field but they cannot be use as searched criteria.


No emoji isn’t supported for tagging in the Sorter.
Also, we would discourage the use of emoji in any attribute that would pass out of DEVONthink, i.e., not using them in filenames.

@BLUEFROG wrote: “we would discourage the use of emoji in […] filenames”

What about emoji in group-names? Any disadvantages if I do that?

Only if you export the groups or are referring to indexed groups. Otherwise, no I don’t see an issue with it.