Employee Notes

I’d like to use DTPO to retain notes about my direct reports during the year so I have more info when I write the annual review. The way I see this working is either using a Service to send an email into DT or some type of clipping or note. There may be keywords like the employees name and the word “review” if necessary. The notes would be auto-classified in folders within DT. I can’t get the auto-classify part to work so I have to sort this all out from the in box.

Has anyone done something similar?

Thanks in advance


I have been using Evernote for this purpose in my business. I have plans to migrate this (among other business processes) to Devonthink. I will stay in touch as I develop my workflow to share ideas etc.

Thanks - I’ve been using Evernote as well for employee info and interviews but DT seems like the more natural choice long term.