Empty Trash confirmation window moves during interaction

This is on today’s release version of DTTG 3. Initial the sidebar persisted when emptying trash. But this issue of sidebar collapse and modal window moves during interaction is happening again. Screen clip below:


Edit: Apparently I’m not allowed to upload videos nor include links. So you’d have to copy that link to see the video.

Thanks for the report!
Does this occur when the device is in landscape orientation too?

No. It’s only in portrait.

I have confirmed this and filed an issue on it. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Fixed in 3.0.1.

Similar behaviour also happens for the “Info” window in portrait orientation, as well as “Move”, “Replicate”, and “Duplicate”. Not sure if it’s intended for these.

All only when called from the context menu or also from the toolbar buttons?

Yes. I just tried the button. It only happens when using contextual menus.

Thank you. Noted.