Empty Trash on Indexed Folder

Hi there,

I’d like to be sure that I’m doing the right thing, when I’m confronted with this dialog box.

What exactly does each of these buttons do? (I have an indexed [not imported] folder that I no longer want, and moved it to the Trash. When I went to empty the trash, this dialog box appeared, and I don’t know what the buttons will do. I want to ensure that none of these actions will actually delete the files on disk.)


Only in database removes only the references from the database but does not delete the files/folders on disk. The other buttons delete the files or files & folders on disk too.

Just to be sure that I understand this correctly, files or files & folders deletes the original data files on disk? Are we talking about files or files & folders from within the DEVONthink database (though these are Indexed files, that weren’t Imported into the database) or the original files from the hard disk?

Files and Files & Folders remove the indexed items from disk (meaning the files/folders you see in the Finder).

And to clarify a little further… it doesn’t completely delete the files in the Finder. It moves them to the system Trash, so you could reclaim them before you empty your system Trash.