enabling new file types to be indexed

hi there,

I am still new to Devonthink but loving it.
One thing I want to do is dumping all my code into the database and make it searchable. However, it seems like Devonthink doesn’t know how to handle these code files by default?

I had already created a template out of the custom file type but that doesn’t seem to help in what I am looking to do.


Are your files in text format? What file extension are they? “… doesn’t know how to handle these files by default” - do you mean DT doesn’t examine them when a search is conducted? Or doesn’t find everything?

Hi Pvonk,

They are text files in xqy format. Indeed, it is like you had guessed, DT doesn’t examine them when a search is conducted.


Try a Spotlight search of the content of one of those files that you’ve placed in the Desktop. Spotlight can’t find it either, right?

DEVONthink can index the text and search it for a number of document types, including .text, .rtf, .html, .pdf, etc. For still others that have a supplied Spotlight plugin, it can index the text content of those. But if you add an ‘unknown’ filetype that doesn’t have a Spotlight plugin, DEVONthink won’t ‘see’ the text content.

Please send a zipped example file to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com, thanks!

Hi Bill,

Spotlight can indeed see the file. I could search for text in .xqy files with no problem in Spotlight. Files with .xqy extensions are basically just text files, containing xquery code.


Version 2.2 supports .xqy and .xq files.