Encrypted database grayed out


I recently created an encrypted database in DEVONthink 3.8.3 on my MacPro laptop. The databases are stored on an external drive as a sparse image file. When trying to reopen the database, it remains grayed out and unaccessible in the Open Database dialog. Suggestions?


What’s the file extension?

  • Did DEVONthink crash or had you force quit it?
    • If so, check if the database file has .sparseimage as its extension.
      • If so, change it to .dtSparse and double-click to open it.

Hi, Changed the extensions from .sparseimage to dtSparse as per your direction. Worked like a charm. Is there anything I can do to prevent .sparseimage’s use as an extension when creating an encrypted database? Cheers, Chris

You didn’t answer my question.