Encrypted Disk Image Question

Just purchased the Fujitsu Scansnap and am able to scan directly into DTPO 2.x … and I made an encrypted disk image (via Disk Utility) and dragged one of my databases into the EDI … but I thought that the database would now be located in the EDI; instead, it’s still visible/accessible in both the EDI as well as its original location (which can of defeats the purpose of creating an EDI) … there’s probably a simple answer that one of you more skilled Apple heads can share with this less skilled Apple head. Thanks.

When you drag a file from one volume to another, you are making a copy of the file in the second volume. :slight_smile:

Now that you’ve got your database in the encrypted disk image, you can delete the original.

But don’t forget the password you set to open the disk image! If you forget it, you can write off that database. That’s the price of security; don’t lock yourself out.

Okay, thanks Bill. I figured that deletion was an option but I was a bit paranoid about doing that; now I’m all set.