Encrypted emails open on mac, but not in DT on iOS

Hello. I have a lot of encrypted emails which I import (archive) in DT. All of them can be open on Mac inside DT (by a recognising a certificate on Mac automatically), but not on iPad or iPhone. How can be solved that, please?

How are they encrypted? Are the relevant private keys/certificates installed on your mobile devices?

By a public/private key pair PGP or S/MIME. It is installed on my mobile devices (all my encrypted emails open in iOS Mail App)

Encrypted emails aren’t currently supported in DEVONthink To Go. This is actually the first request I can recall.

is it possible to decrypt them by a rule (automatically) when I import them to DT? I don’t need encryption of an email inside DT, because I use encrypted DB on DT

While a smart rule may be employed, you’re not going to generate an unencrypted email. However, you may be able to generate a different format, e.g., a PDF.

Thanks, but it is not good for me))))

What’s the specific issue with the approach?

I need original emails. I connect item-link with my tasks. When I click on an item-link I want to open special email.