Encryption advice

I have been reading the posts on encryption as I would like to encrypt certain documents either in DEVONthink Pro Office, (which I gather is not possible but please correct me if I am wrong) or before they are imported. I do not need anything too sophisticated as all I m wanting to protect is my personal journal. hen I have a look at the Mac App store there is a bewildering amount of choice so I would be grateful for suggestions from folks’ experience for a reliable app for the Mac that would be suitable for my needs—nothing very expensive would be a help :wink: Many thanks.

Have you looked to see whether your journal software can do this for you? If you use something like Word or Pages for your journal (some other apps too, I suppose), they have built-in password protection.

If not, and you’re looking for a bit of privacy, something like Encrypto (free) might do the job for you.

My own solution is to use the in-built Filevault on the Mac. Obviously that doesn’t help if you’re using Dropbox or similar to sync (I use WebDAV on my own server)

Hope that helps

@ThatGuy thanks for this and your helpful suggestion about Enrypto, I shall have a look at it. For my journal I am simply writing within DTPO a Rich Text document so do not as such have any journal software.

Why don’t you merely house the private data in an encrypted sparsebundle disk image? That’s what we advocate for data security of databases.

Thanks for this. If I knew what you mean I probably would :confused: What is a sparesbundle and how do I do it? Regards.

Using Apple’s built in Disk Utility, you can make disk images. One type is a sparsebundle disk image. The advantage of this type is you create it at the maximum size you anticipate but it doesn’t consume the space immediately.

If you create a normal 10GB disk image, it would immmediately use 10GB.
If you create a 10GB sparsebundle disk image, it would be very small and you fill it up, with a limit of 10GB.

In Disk Utility… File > New > Blank Image. Sparsebundle is under the Image Format dropdown.

Note: The name for Save As is the name of the disk image. The Name in the options below is the name of the mounted image. These can be the same but don’t have to be.

Thanks BLUEFROG…again :smiley:

No problem. :smiley: