Encryption keys not the same

I have DevonThink 3 running on my MacBook Pro and DevonThink To Go on my iPad and iPhone, syncing via Dropbox.

I have just got a new iPhone and have reinstalled DevonThink To Go on it but when I enter the Dropbox Sync details it tells me that the encryption keys are not the same.

I have used the KeyChain utility in MacOS just to make sure and the key is correct. Why is this happening?


If DEVONthink To Go claims that the keys are not the same they probably aren’t. Maybe typing them carefully and letter-by-letter helps?

No, that doesn’t work. I have even copied and pasted from the Keychain utility to avoid any mistakes!

Are you using dark mode in iOS?

If so, set it to light mode and make sure you are typing the correct encryption key in both fields (one to set the key, the other to verify it).

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Ah ha, Thats fixed it. As you are obviously already aware, the confirmation key field is not visible in Dark mode.

Many thanks.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:
And yes, dark mode support is planned for a future release.

I had the same problem and you I could just not figure out what the problem was. Thank you for clarification.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: