Dear DTPO team:

It would be nice to implement a way to encrypt certain documents. Opening the database with a password is one thing, but certain documents require a more special/higher security setting.

thank you and best regards,

PS: I now solved the problem using Acrobat X… which on the other hand cannot be read by DTPO in its 256bit encryption… it would be nice to do it right away within DTPO and, also, it would be nice if DTPO could read Acrobat X files…

It would be nice if Adobe Acrobat Pro 256-bit encryption could be decrypted from within DTPO, but I can’t get it to work either. Fortunately, you can right-click and open it in Adobe to access the contents. This would seem to be a bug.

As for encryption, if you are on your own machine, you can encrypt your drive using FileVault. This will give you some of the highest level of protection available, it is free, and it covers everything on your drive. I haven’t found a need to encrypt anything additionally in DT, because my drive is already secure.

Personally, I’d prefer that the DT team focus their limited time and resources on something else, unless there is a common use case that would require encryption within the app as well. The only one that comes to mind is if you are using someone else’s computer–maybe your employer’s–to do your stuff. Even then, though, the database itself is encrypted, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Am I missing something?

well… if you have your own asset management company and store on your machine some sensible data and some even more sensible data, it might be a good idea to have that even more sensible doc with some extra protection… such as a eg. a copy of testamony of a client. Again, I got some 50’000 pdf’s (not pages!) in DTDP… and I just LOVE the program with its search functionality.

hi. i figure that if the fbi is worried because it can’t get to the data, then filevault is a pretty significant deterrent.
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i’d say you have done more than your fair share of due diligence, and any unauthorized access is exceedingly unlikely. however, there are some precautions you still have to take. make sure to logout any time you leave your computer (i use a hot corner so that a quick swipe immediately logs me out). basically, the only risk now for the sensitive data on my computer is if fbi forces track me down and rush me in a coffee shop. even then, i might get a chance to swipe :slight_smile:
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fortunately, i’m not doing anything illegal, and i don’t think the fbi, or anyone else, is likely to want anything i have. no top secret death star plans on my computer – just stuff of mine i don’t want to share and stuff of mine about third parties (businesses, students, research, etc.) i am obligated to protect. if devonthink decides to offer this additional layer of encryption, that’s fine with me, of course, but i think it is an unnecessary replication of effort. that’s just my opinion! hopefully, by sharing details about your situation, you have given them the information they need to make a decision.

even though their is a workaround (righht-click and open with adobe acrobat pro), fixing the bug you mentioned with 256-bit encrypted pdfs would seem to be the solution requiring the least amount of effort on the part of devonthink.