Enhanced Web Sharing?


I recently purchased Pro Office, primarily for the “Web Sharing” feature; I already have a paperless office with no real need for scanning, and since I primarily use GMail, the email plugins don’t do me any good now-- but, I decided being able to access my database from anywhere via my iPhone was a rather worthwhile feature.

And as soon as I end up loading My Entire Life into the database, I’m sure it will be :slight_smile:

I look forward to some of the Web Sharing enhances that seem to be coming down the 2.0 pipeline from what I’ve briefly gleaned on the forums, but there’s two notable things I’d really like to see:

#1) Fine grained permissions. As it is I can “share” my database… but only if I share it all unless I’m missing something. That’s not useful to me to “share”-- it relegates web sharing entirely to just “me using it on my iPhone”

What I’d like to be able to do is establish some additional logins and grant them specific access to certain files within my database. I’d be really great if the permissions were able to be checked according to the hierarchy of groups, so I could grant a certain folder to “bob”, and all the items below it inherited that (unless overridden). Of course, that gets complicated I know-- a simple file by file permission would be fine initially at least.

#2) I’ve found I already want to give someone temporary access to something. In this case, I don’t even care if it has a login per se. i’d love to be able to click a file, and click “Share Temporarily”, then tell it-- share for a day (an hour, a week, whatever). Then have it generate a URL that I can send to someone that can be seen without any authentication at all.

I’m peering at stuff and attempting to solve my needs via some AppleScript, and I’m sure I’ll be able to almost do it-- but it’ll be a bit wasteful. E.g., I’m trying to see about getting an AppleScript that “exports” a selected item in DevonThink to a folder served by Apache on my computer, then a cronjob to wipe it out periodically… but that’s not all that ideal :slight_smile:

Anyways! Good product :slight_smile: Just some suggestions!

Thank you for the feedback!

Wouldn’t it be easier to send the file as an email, for example via File > Export > as Email (also available in the contextual menu)?

Frequently, no. In many situations I want to present the file to a group of people whose email addresses may not be immediately available. Imagine for example a chat room where a particular topic is being discussed: it’d be much easier to make a file immediately available via the web on a temporary basis.

There’s a variety of other situations that I run into regularly where temporarily publishing to the web is actually a very ideal scenario. I’m going to see about an applescript export-then-transmit-upload for the time being. Its just – clunky :slight_smile:

As you are talking about this

I use devon think pro office to enter datas, and use webserver to view the data.
I miss a by date / by comment / by other order

is it planned in 2.0 or in the current version ?

Could be an AppleScript for this: if your machine is net-accessible anyway, just write a script to export the selected document to your /~whoever/ folder and set the clipboard to the properly-formatted web address. A clever script could even delete the file after a few minutes…

Different sortings are planned but can’t be promised for the initial 2.0 release yet.

i hope it’ll come

is there a way to open the web ui ?
something like an api …


This will probably come in a future release but not in 2.0.