Enigmatic message in the Console log

An enigmatic message in the Console log. DA writes this a dozen times or so:

That message is definitely not logged by DEVONagent - it’s probably caused by a third-party plugin.

I have not installed any plug-ins. Or is it a plug-in installed by default?

This looks like the message of a system-wide extension, e.g. an input manager or a contextual menu plugin.

Hmm… strange. Which plug-in can cause this? I haven’t a clue.

Since we’re dealing with the WebKit it can be anything that is labelled an Internet plugin: QuickTime, Flash, what-have-you.

Please check the folders…

Contextual Menu Items
Internet Plug-Ins

…of your account’s Library folder (~/Library/…) and of the system-wide Library folder (/Library/…).


In InputManagers, there are 2 sub-folders:
(1) Smart Crash Reports, which contains a Unix exec file and Smart Crash Reports.bundle
(2) SpotlightInputManager, with a Unix file and SpotlightInputManager.bundle

In Contextual Menu Items:
DEVONagent CM.plugin
File Buddy CM.plugin

Internet Plug-Ins:
Flash Player Enabler.plugin
Flash Player.plugin
Flip4Mac WMV Plugin.plugin
Flip4Mac WMV Plugin.webplugin
Java Applet Plugin Enabler
Java Applet.plugin
Quartz Composer.webplugin
QuickTime Plugin.plugin
QuickTime Plugin.webplugin
RealPlayer Plugin.plugin [alias]

Please remove the File Buddy CM and SpotMetaCMPlugin plugins (e.g. move them to the desktop), then launch DEVONagent. Does this fix the problem?

It’s definitely not related to DEVONagent as a Google search for “doclip empty path” returns similar messages for different applications.

I removed them and relaunched DA. I now have another message, even more mysterious :question:

Another message not logged by DEVONagent :wink: Did you view Java applets when this happened?

Anyway, all these messages are harmless.

These messages are harmless but I like to understand 8)

Nothing in common with Windoze horrific error messages :laughing: