ePub document in DT3

I recall reading that DT3 would support ePub documents, and so I’ve added a book that I just bought. When I double click on it in DT3, a new window opens and I’m able to see the 1st page, but nothing more. I can’t figure out how to scroll to the subsequent pages. My viewing mode is “Best Alternative”, is there anything else that I need to do?


You can navigate the document via Tools > Inspectors > Table of Contents. Or switch to the alternate view to view the complete doc.

@cgrunenberg, thanks Chris. 2 more questions;

  1. when viewing the ePub in Text Alternative, the document’s formatting is Center aligned, making it slightly difficult to read. How do I go about changing it, as it’s dimmed on the Format menu?

  2. What are your suggestions for reading an ePub book with DTTG? Open & Import into Books or another ePub reader?


Not speaking for Criss specifically :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. You can’t change the formatting of the Text Alternative.
  2. I personally opt for iBooks myself.

Jim, something tells me that Chris wouldn’t and doesn’t mind you speaking for him. :scream:

So it’s probably best to read it using the TOC, as it maintains the formatting and looks the best.

And I agree about using Books (Apple changed the name from iBooks to Books a bit ago. :wink:)

Thanks as usual!

You’re welcome.

That’s a known bug, beta 2 will address this.

Good to know. Thanks Chris.

Hi Chris,

Wondering if/when the ePub alignment issue will be addressed? I’m using beta 6, and still experiencing the center aligned text. Unfortunately, the book looks terrible when compared to the PDF version.


Unfortunately, the book looks terrible when compared to the PDF version.

Note, the HTML will not “look as good as the PDF”. And this must be a per EPUB thing. I just picked up two free EPUBs and they’re displaying as expected here…

@BLUEFROG (Hey Jim!),

Your text looks amazing, and quite readable. I’d be totally happy with that, as mine looks nothing like that at all. I converted my book to ePub format using Calibre, which could explain it. However, I did just opened the book in Books, and it does look much better. Your text in DT3 is Left aligned, mine is still Centered. As I scroll through the ePub book, if I could Left align it, it wouldn’t be too bad. I’ll play around within Calibre to see if there are any better options, though it is Left aligned in Books.


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Is there a specific book freely available you’re using?

No, unfortunately not. I’m converting several commercial books that I bought. Calibre has a TON of options available, including dozens of Output profiles for ePub.