ePub Files

I am getting more and more files sent to me in ePub format, is there any chance that DevonThink could have the ability to open files in the same way PDF’s are?

A ‘New Tab’ button would be useful as well.

Thanks for the suggestion, ePub support is definitely planned for upcoming releases.

Thanks for the quick reply.

that’s great to hear!

Yes, please. I’m interested as well.

And please, implement annotation (as in PDF), bot in Mac and iOS version.

(I know there is not an standard annotation format as in PDF, but I think we will be happy with any way to store annotations in ePub.

I want to confirm that I can search and use EPUB documents in Devonthink Office. Listing words, and See Also/Classify appear to work.
I did just install the quicklook extension for epubs.
When I double-click to open the document, it opens in iBooks (my default reader). So I have access to the editing facilities in iBooks: highlighting, and notes. I could of course convert the EPUB to a PDF file, using Calibre.

There are two major limitations. First, the document is unreadable in DTTG on my iPad. I seemingly cannot do anything at all with it, not even open it in another application.
Second, this does not work with copy-protected books.

If anyone figures out ways around these problems, please let us know.

Any news on this? I just bought DEVONthink Pro believing I could search epubs and see the results.

When I search now there is nothing to read - only thing that happens is that the file is highlighted.

The QuickLook generator, now at github.com/GenjiApp/EPUB-Plugins, will allow searching and previewing ePUB files in DEVONthink, but search hits can’t be shown in a QuickLook preview.

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It’s in the pipeline - a future release will include improved ePub support (e.g. viewing, searching, highlighting of occurrences, converting or even content navigation).