Hi, troops. Is epub format in the pipeline?


We support third-party file formats through Quick Look and so as soon as a Quick Look plugin is available DEVONthink will naturally support the epub file format.

Ta, Eric. That makes sense and is reasonable.


I’d just like to add my voice to the requests for ebook integration in DTP. I wish DTP could make it possible to view, search, & maybe even to convert various eBook formats (epub and moby are what I have, anyway) to PDFs.

FWIW, this follows up on what was raised here: Do you store full eBooks in DTP?

I have hundreds of books in Epub format that I’d love to be able to bring into DTP, but it’s pointless if I can’t view or search them.

With all the eReaders out there (nook, kindle etc), it would seem to be essential that DTP somehow is able to view epub, and not necessarily rely on a third party who may or may not support it.

This topic is from 2010, and clearly QuickLook has no intention of supporting it, so it should be brought back to DTP to evaluate the next steps, in my opinion.

Clearly there is a need.

I’m just curious… would you rather have a limited viewer in DEVONthink, with only the ability to read an ePub but no other functions, or utilize the capabilities of a full-fledged ePub reader?

Just a limited viewer would be perfectly fine. All I’d like is the ability to display and search them, like PDFs.

Then if there’s a clamour for more functionality, you could consider that for future development. :unamused:

At the moment, all I think is necessary is the ability to treat them as PDFs.

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I would love to have this feature implemented. I then won’t need to transcribe the quotes in to a text file just to search for it.

If this becomes a feature with focused development, then adding annotations and metadata editing capabilities would be a huge plus. But just having the capability to search inside epub files would be an enormous feature addition to this app, putting it far and away ahead of any other text managing research app.

Any news whether PDF style viewing/searching of EPUBs will be considered/implemented in the next version?

We cannot comment on future versions other than to say the request has been acknowledged and is one of many things we are considering.

This is an old feature request about ePubs. I just wanted to add while ePubs can be supported through Quicklook in MacOS, they can’t be supported in the same way on iOS, which leaves us with no support at all.

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I too would appreciate EPUB functionality in Devonthink. I would also be keen on CBR functionalist, as requested in a separate thread.