Equivalent of predicate 'PDF Annotation' for RTF annotations/highlights?


If you want to search for any PDF with annotations, then you can use the predicate and value combination PDF annotations > 0 and this seems to work fine.

However, there doesn’t seem to be an analogous predicate for RTF files with annotation highlights.

The Annotation panel (Ctl-6) for both PDF and RTF annotations shows the highlight annotations without problem, so DT3 clearly knows how to retrieve the highlights, but the capability doesn’t seem to be exposed to the search / smart interfaces.

Is there a way of doing this which I’ve missed, or am I misunderstanding something?

(BTW, I know that RTF > PDF conversion doesn’t create new annotations, which is presumably down to the third party PDF framework. Here I’m simply talking about DT3’s existing RTF annotation highlights being available to the wider search features.)

Many thanks…

Only PDF annotations are indexed currently but attributes of rich text aren’t.

Cheers, Christian.

They’re being picked up by the Annotations Inspector though, so presumably the plumbing is already in place for it to be added at some point?

Maybe in a future release.

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