Erractic indexing and sync behavior

I am new to DT3 and DT2Go. I have used DT3 only on my Mac for a few days and everything appeared ok.
Now I am syncing my database via Dropbox to access it via two iPads using DT to Go 3, and suddenly strange issues occur:

  • Not all files appear to sync to mobile. E.g. the iPads show just 11 out of 23 files in a specific folder (pretty much everywhere there a few files missing per folder)
  • Sometimes, once I view a file missing on DT3toGo on DT3 on my Mac, they briefly appear on the iPad, too.
  • A few moments later, they disappear from both the Mac and the iPad.
  • Of course, they are still available in my actual Finder folder structure. Reindexing the folders, however, does not help.

I don’t import files to the DT3 database, but just index my existing folders. Because the iPads belong to different family members, I have to sync through Dropbox rather than iCloud. The iPads are on the latest versions of ipadOS, the Mac is on 10.14.6 Mojave. All documents are OCR’ed scans produced by the same HP AiO printer-scanner HP OfficeJet Pro 9020.

Are there types of documents or file names that DT3 / DTTG3 can’t handle? Why can files appear and then disappear again?

Hi, and welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of indexing and syncing.

I can’t explain what you are describing, but I do have a couple of questions:

  • where are the files located which you are indexing (please provide a sample path, replace sensitive information with a generic term if necessary)?
  • Does the sync location verify successfully (in DT3 go to Preferences/Sync and from the context menu of the sync location select Verify Location Quickly)
  • How are you “reindexing” the folders?

If you haven’t done so, it’s always worth reading the section on importing & indexing in the handbook (pp 51-54).

Nomenclature: to make sure we don’t talk at cross-purposes, can we agree nomenclature? DT is DEVONthink, DTTG is DEVONthink To Go, a folder is a device for collecting files in Finder, a group is a device for collecting files in DT or DTTG.

For all intents and purposes no AFAIK. Is there any logic to the files which are not being synced or appearing/disappearing (so are they all of a specific file type, size, smell, whatever…)?

Hi Blanc,

thanks for taking the time to review my issue!
So far, I have only indexed to main folders with scanned documents in DT3. Both folders are being synced to Google Drive, one as part of the general computer sync which syncs the desktop, documents etc. and the other one as part of a separate Google Drive folder.

One of the folders is located at SSD/Users/MyName/Documents/Scans, with sub-folders for each calendar quarter and a total of around 1,100 files (all PDFs, mostly between a few hundred k and one-digit megabytes in size).
Comparing the numbers shown in DT3 and DTTG3 behind each folder name, there are zero to maybe 3 files missing in each folder, all very ordinary PDF documents. I have checked, it is not because they are just marked read and hence would not count into the file number, they just aren’t there. If I search for keywords in the document, it shows up normally in DT3 but does not show up in DTTG3.

The other one is further down in the Google Drive hierarchy. This is the one showing the really strange behavior yesterday which I could not fully repeat today. However, there now was one full folder missing including its files in DT3, and four out of five folders in DTTG3. No re-indexing and syncing both in DT3 and DTTG3 would change that. I have now trashed the whole index and re-added it to DT3 and all files and folders appear to be shown in DT3, but again not in DTTG3 (0-5 missing per folder).

And then, in DTTG3, in the main inbox, I see both by scanned documents folders AND maybe 30 individual PDF documents which in fact should be in the subfolders (but are not there, i.e. they are no duplicates, but stray files shown outside or their actual location).

Btw, I have already reinstalled DTTG3 several times, because at least twice it would sync but show no files at all in the inbox (even though they were there and could be found via search).

Looks like DTTG3 is heavily broken…

Note: far as I know, DEVONthink (including DEVONthink ToGo) does not support synching with Google Drive. Nor should doing multiple installs/de-installs really fix very much. But perhaps is needed to start again.

I’m very confused by all you talk of “folders” and file hierarchy. This isn’t something that normally should be worried about with DEVONthink nor DEVONthink ToGo.

To start again along the suggestions by @Blanc

; what is the full path to the DEVONthink databases (actually, on Mac is a “package” of thousands of files)?

: where on the Mac are the files (external to DEVONthink) that are “indexed” (and not imported? on folder(s) synced with Google Drive other?

: What happens when you use one of the supported sync methods? If your iPads are on the same local network as the Mac, then using Bonjour is a good starting point. Reliable and fast (but for first sync allow it to complete before drawing conclusions).

: As suggested @Blanc , would be good to re-read the “Importing & Indexing” in the DEVONthink Handbook, pp 51-54.

Sorry, I should have better taken care of the questions:

  • the DT3 folder is in its standard location, i.e. /Users/MyName/Datenbanken (German installation). Currenty, it’s 860 MB in size
  • indexed folders are at /Users/MyName/Documents/Scans and Users/MyName/Google Drive/HP Smart/Scans. I use index rather than import because I
  • I use sync view Dropbox (which is supported) because I need to have access to the files (a) on the go and (b) from two different users in the family. Bonjour is not a good choice because it requires both the Mac and the iPads to be on at the same time.

I have read the chapter in the manual. It’s a very good explanation of the basic concepts, but doesn’t help in my case.

I am keeping investigating the issue, but it’s rather time-consuming and I don’t get to touch the systems every day.

Please start a support ticket. Thanks