Error 10815 in DTPO

I am getting the following peculiar error message:
“The application DEVONthink Pro Office can’'t be opened -10815”

It is triggered by clicking and holding on a website’s icon in the address bar in Safari, and dropping it on the DEVONthink icon in the dock. DTPO is open at the time. If I click and hold on the highlighted address instead, then there is no error message and DTPO’s destination picker opens up as expected.

I am using Safari 10.0.3 on OS 10.12.3 and the latest DTPO 2.9.10. It is not solely an issue with Safari though. If I click and hold on a highlighted address in the address bar of Chrome and drag it onto the DTPO dock icon, then I get the same error message.

True, and probably a bug.

I assume what you’re wanting to do is to drag to DEVONthink in the dock and have a bookmark created in the destination defined in Preferences > Import > Destination?

If you drag the icon/bookmark and hover a while (don’t drop) the icon, DEVONthink will open in mission control and you can proceed from there (sort of).

The dock is notorious for misbehavior in OS X. This appears to continue in macOS. This may not be something we can fix. You can use korm’s suggestion, or the Sorter, Groups & Tags, or the clipping extension.

Thanks for the replies - yes, there are a number of workarounds, but I thought I would flag up the error. It may indeed be the dock that is misbehaving, but it is a DTPO message that pops up, and dragging from the address bar icon to other apps in the dock works for me without an 10815 error.

I have changed the preferences in Import/Destination from Select Group to Global Inbox, and to Inbox of Current Database, and the latter two give the same 10815 error, even though they should import directly without a pop-up requesting the destination. It seems like a DTPO bug to me. Can anyone else replicate it?

I did (see above)

Yes, I have replicated it as well.