Error "Action required: An error occured during scanning"

I try to scan with my new Canon TR8660 MFP. When I use the DEVONthink scan interface I can only scan in Color, not in Black & White. The latter gives me this error (shown only very briefly):

Screen Shot 2023-04-16 at 3.38.41 pm

However when I use the default Apple scan interface (Printer preferences → Scan tab → Open Scanner…) I can choose Black & White and create crisp dovument scans.

How can I do this in DEVONthink?

PS: Here my n-DEVONthink Scan settings:

Screen Shot 2023-04-16 at 3.39.24 pm

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Thanks Jim. Just did so.