ERROR "Couldn't collate document from recognized pages"

Dear DTPO Users,

I have received the following error when trying to perform OCR on a PDF. Any ideas? I have not gotten this message before. It’s a 365 page PDF but this has not stopped DTPO in the past. Most of the pages are typewritten but some are handwritten. I know these will not be searchable ect, but I will be able to highlight them when I read them.

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 1.48.57 PM.png

Thanks for any help.

Is/Was there still enough space available on the startup volume?

Yes, I have approx 130gb of space. Thanks

Does it work again after restarting the computer?

I will try that later today or this evening and report back. Fingers crossed it’s that simple! Turning off and on can work miracles. Thanks

I restarted and tried again. I got the same error. Thanks

Could you send a zipped copy of the document to cgrunenberg - at - Then I’ll check this. Thanks!