Error: Database is already in use!

The power went out yesterday and my system went down with it. Since then, when I open DTPO, I get this error message:

I’m not sure what it means, or how the database could already be in use. There’s only one copy of DT on my system, and this is it.

See: Error: “Database already in use”

In other words, do a search on the forum topix for previous discussions about specific errors. :open_mouth:

That’s funny, I did a search for “database already in use” and nothing came up with that title. Try it yourself right now. The only result with that title is this thread. I always run a search before posting a question.

I just did an Advanced search for “database in use” (using the quotes) and selected DEVONthink & DEVONnote as the forum area, with the option to check in subforums checked.

I got 14 matches.

At the risk of pointing out what you already know:
At the top of the User Forum pages is a green control panel. On the bottom are helpful links to the FAQ, Members, Advanced Search, and Logout.

If you click the Advanced Search and enter “database already in use” (including the quotes), the press return. I did that and came up with the following:

in use.png

Ignoring this current thread you’ll see that there around 30 other postings.

I stand corrected. Clearly where I went wrong was not using quotes. I guess I’m used to Google searching now where quotes aren’t really necessary when searching for a phrase. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Much appreciated.

But remember that both Google and DT searches have a better focus if quotation marks enclose a phrase.

ok, I have the same enquiry… which brought me here…

this was ‘fun’ to follow along… (NOT)…

guess I’ll go searching and reading elsewhere… (I’d rather be organising my DT3 database)… but, getting ‘side-tracked’ seems to be the price you pay for going DT3…

Only ‘myself’ to blame… because clearly, I’ve ‘created’ these database errors… (idiot, I am - Yoda)

What is your specific question?

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