Error in PageLink in PDF

Using: ver. 3.8.6 under Monterey 12.6.1

The Copy Page Link command from the context menu gives a result that is off by one. One page 4 of a PDF, the result is x-devonthink-item://F4AFE76C-65BB-451A-BEAE-009827E8971B?page=3

IIRC, the command depends on the numbering of the PDF file itself. So, maybe, the fourth page in this document is actually labelled “3”?

No. It’s a six-page PDF, and “page 4” is the fourth page in the PDF, with a page number at bottom. Interestingly, the link when followed brings me to page 4.

There is no issue here.
Page numbering is zero-based, so page 1 is page=0.

Also, the folio of a page - a visible page number printed on the page - is not necessarily congruent with the page number. This is a very common thing, e.g., magazines and books; items with covers, title pages, tables of content, etc.

By the way…

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Interesting that the first page is Page 0. Thank you.