Error message: Creation of zip archive failed

I’m using DTPO, 2.01 and would like to make a backup web archive. I’ve used the command File>Export>Database archive. However, I get the error message: Creation of zip archived failed. I’ve verified & repaired and rebuilt the database to no avail. Now it is an old one that has a combination of imported and indexed files. Quite likely a lot of the indexed files are out of Sync with the Finder files. Aside from that, I can’t imagine what else might be wrong to prevent the backup. Any suggestions or ideas how I can get this command to work?

Run Tools > Verify & Repair to check for errors.

Hi, Bill,
Thanks for your reply. Yes, I did run Tools>Verify & Repair before sending my message.

When it still failed I also ran the command to rebuild the database, but that didn’t work either. I can export the folders and files, delete the database itself and start over. (I did not destroy most of the imported files and still have the indexed files, although not in their original locations.) If I make a new database from the exported folders and files, what would I lose in that operation? I assume that I would also lose the pointers to weblinks, but notes and text files that I made would be saved in the Export Files and Folders command. Is that correct, or am I missing something?

Also related to creating a new database: I know that the Log will record quite a large number of “no text” documents, almost all of them pdf files that need to be ocr’d. Is there any way to do this automatically from the Log or to direct the Log to find the original matching folder, run it through the OCR machine and put it into DTPO?

While I’m here, let me say thanks for your help and the engaging introduction to the 2.0 manual. (I assume that you were the anonymous “long term power user.”) And also thanks to everyone at DT for the amazing progress in useability and performance in DevonThink. Everytime I come back to it, I find something new and clever.


Cancel that OCR question.:confused: It wasn’t quite the right question and I figured out what I needed to do. But help on what might be lost would be welcome.

Whenever a rebuild is done, it would be a good idea to first make a copy of the database. If File > Export > Database Archive doesn’t work because of a problem with the database, try selecting the database and making a zipped copy, or Option-drag (copy) it, e.g., to your Desktop.

Also before the rebuild, you might take a screenshot of the Database Properties panel (File > Database Properties), which contains information on the number of items and the total word count.

After the Rebuild, examine the Log (Window > Log), which will list any files that failed to make it into the rebuild database. If there’s such a list, Save the list for reference in looking for replacement of those files. You might be able to recover them from copies in the Finder, from the copy of the original database. And compare the Database Properties information of the rebuilt database to your screenshot of the original database.

Now, if you’ve got a recovered database, run Tools > Verify and Repair to create a current internal backup AND run File > Export > Database Archive. It’s a good idea to keep up with a good backup strategy, and to store backups externally to your computer, in case of a hard drive failure.

As for that comment about the Introduction, I don’t remember writing that and so won’t take credit. We are fortunate to have a large number of power users of DEVONthink, and I keep learning from them. :slight_smile: