Error Message in log window

I keep getting a intermittent log notification

File/Action: General CF Socket error
Info: AsyncSocketErrorDomain -1

View and repair DB
Optimize DB
are all fine, and bonjour + dropbox sync seems to be working normally

? What is the cause of this


Do you have Bonjour enabled on more than one device?

Yes, I do.

That is the problem. Only one device should have Bonjour activated, per the DEVONthink Manual.

One desktop device, but several mobile devices as long as they are not all on at the same time? (iPad and iPhone)

The idea is that one device serves as the “server” and accepts “incoming” messages from other devices. For those other devices, keep the switch for Bonjour to be “off” as “on” means it will accept incoming messages. Only one device at a time can accept incoming, otherwise the Bonjour network won’t work. Hence the error message.

I consider the iMac the “server” and it accepts incoming. The other Mac and both iOS devices do not have Bonjour to “accept incoming” set to “accept incoming” connections. Any of the devices could be set to be the “server” (accept incoming), but I leave that chore to the the iMac and leave it that way all the time. If the iMac is sleeping or turned off and syncs do not occur, then no problem as all will catch up eventually via Bonjour, or via other sync methods that may be enabled. Bonjour is normally the quickest and most reliable sync method.

To get more info, best to re-read the section in the outstanding “DEVONthink Manual”, page 63 of the 3.8.6 version, or supplementary information at Bonjour Simplified

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  • What is your thought process here?
  • Is the Mac and one of the mobile devices on at the same time?


Thought process = ignorance

I hadn’t paid attention to the “incoming“ button on bonjour, just whether it was on or off.

An iMac and a Mac mini (with bonjour) are “on” at the same time, but one is generally in sleep mode (but not completely off).

I have an iPhone and a couple of iPads, all with the bonjour set to on (and the incoming button sent to on). However, I am only using DEVONthink on one of these mobile devices at a time.

Sounds like my problem will be resolved If I use of one of the desktop computers as the sole server and just use one of the mobile devices at a time. The other desktop device can just sync through dropbox.


You can configure both mobile devices to sync with the “server” via Bonjour. Just let them rip. DEVONthink will queue up the queries and handle one at a time but you do not have to pay any attention.

If you look you may see a “database is busy” message in the log. accept that it is telling the truth and just let it run till not busy.

Thought process = ignorance


Which one is generally in sleep mode?